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The strategy selected to ensure the Sm@rtBuy project is a success and works for everyone, was to consult with various members of the York community throughout the entire scope of the project. The Sm@rtBuy governance structure consists of members of the broader university community and a Sm@rtBuy core project team.  In October 2011 a steering committee, an advisory board, and a user group were created and these groups met regularly with the Sm@rtBuy core project team providing valuable input and advice on how the Sm@rtBuy solution impacts them. The ultimate design of the Sm@rtBuy system will be guided by the feedback received from these groups, therefore their key goal is to ensure York’s solution to on-line procurement is innovative and functional. The members of these key groups and their responsibilities consist of the following:

Steering Committee

  • Senior members of the Finance Division, PRASE, University Information Technology (UIT) and VP Academic & Provost

Responsibility:  Provide guidance through the implementation phase of the project. As the key decision makers, their focus is to ensure the plan progresses through the various stages and when necessary provide a timely resolution to any project issues.

Advisory Board

  • Senior community members from across the University, including all faculties and divisions
  • Membership largely consists of Executive Officers from faculties and senior personnel from non-academic divisions

Responsibility: Guide and provide feedback to the Core Project Team on functionality of the on-line solution and, to act as project champions within faculties and/or departments so that interest and participation of the Sm@rtBuy solution is high.

User Group

  • University members who conduct purchasing within their departments
  • Many of the members of the User Group are existing PCard users
  • User Group also includes functional staff from Accounts Payable and Procurement who will manage the system once it is operational

Responsibility: Provide feedback to the Core Project Team on functionality of the on-line solution, and to assist with testing the marketplace throughout the course of the project.

Core Project Team

  • Members of Finance, Procurement Services, UIT and PRASE
  • Representatives of SciQuest, York's service provider for the Sm@rtBuy solution

Responsibility: Based on the feedback received from the Advisory Board and the User Group they are to develop, test and launch the final Sm@rtBuy on-line procurement solution.