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What is Sm@rtBuy?

Sm@rtBuy is York’s new on-line procurement system, designed to improve the University’s purchasing processes and procedures and reduce administrative costs.

Why are we moving to an on-line procurement system?

Sm@rtBuy is a great opportunity that brings benefits to the whole university by streamlining purchasing.

  • Reduces the administrative burden of the procurement process, lowers administrative costs which will enhance service across the University.
  • Improves York’s collective buying power and ability to secure lower prices by maximizing business relationships with preferred vendors.
  • Reduces our carbon footprint.

Who benefits from this implementation?


End Users Procurement Services & Accounts Payable Entire University
  • One-stop shopping experience
  • Freedom of choice: wide range of suppliers and products from which to choose
  • Fast, easy requisitioning
  • More time for value add activities
  • Control and visibility of spend, increasing purchasing power
  • Contract compliance
  • Paperless
  • Error-free processing
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased purchasing and user productivity
  • Better budgeting information
  • Reduced carbon footprint

How will Sm@rtBuy lower administrative costs?

In the 2011 fiscal year, York users completed 84,000 transactions. With the implementation of the first round of vendors, Sm@rtBuy is expected to convert 14,000 manual transactions into electronic ones.

How will Sm@rtBuy help me?

Sm@rtBuy is an online “one-stop shop” that allows you to purchase and pay for a variety of products your department needs, from office supplies, to computers, to scientific supplies to catering.

How will Sm@rtBuy help me do my job?

Sm@rtBuy is accessible to you from almost anywhere - as long as you have a computer and Passport York, you can buy. Sm@rtBuy gives you immediate on-line access to a purchasing experience that is faster, simpler, more transparent (trackable) and much more convenient than York’s current purchasing process.

Why should I use Sm@rtBuy for my department’s shopping needs?

Sm@rtBuy is easy to use, and is similar to other websites where you buy things on-line like, Sm@rtBuy integrates multiple supplier catalogs into one robust online shopping experience.

How will Sm@rtBuy make my job easier?

Sm@rtBuy will cut the processing from 20 steps to 7 steps, so instead of spending your time filling out paperwork, you can focus your time on other value-add activities.

How will Sm@rtBuy save my department money?

Sm@rtBuy, provides you with one single “shopping basket”. Now you can easily locate what you need to buy, at the best price from York’s preferred vendors or compare prices across multiple vendors loaded in the Sm@rtBuy system.

Who can use Sm@rtBuy?

Any employee who has a Passport York account can be a shopper on Sm@rtBuy.

How do purchases get processed using Sm@rtBuy?

Once you have created your shopping cart and loaded it with your required items your “cart” is sent to a department/unit delegated “Requisitioner”, who is notified by e-mail that an order has been placed that needs action. The “Requisitioner” reviews the cart and assigns the appropriate chartfields and pushes the cart forward to the “Approver” who reviews and approves the purchase. The system then dispatches the orders to the various vendors for order processing.

Who is the Sm@rtBuy 'Requisitioner'?

In most instances the "Requisitioner” will be your current PCard cardholder. For areas where PCards are not used the individual who usually does the purchasing on behalf of your unit/department will be deemed the “Requisitioner”.

Who is the Sm@rtBuy 'Approver'?

The “Approver” is assigned based on the signing authority register. Depending on the dollar value and/or the commodity of the purchase it will go through a series of approvals which could include Cost Center Approver, Director or EO, AVP or Dean, and the VP or VP designate.

How do I get started with Sm@rtBuy?

The training needed to use Sm@rtBuy is minimal. Staff/faculty will be given training as well as on-going support to let you get the most out of the new on-line system. For most of you, hands-on training will be available through July. For pilot departments, training will come earlier.

When is it going to happen?

Sm@rtBuy will launch in a staggered rollout. For pilot departments, implementation will be in June 2012. University-wide implementation will be in August 2012.